Vulcan lunarg com

vulcan lunarg com

Vulcan lunarg com - Set this variable to identify a semi-colon separated list of layer names to activate. What distinguishes a layer as implicit or explicit is by which registry key its layer information file is referenced by. Device entry points include any command that uses a VkDevice as the first parameter or a dispatchable object that is a child of a VkDevice currently this includes VkQueue and VkCommandBuffer. Device extensions can be discovered via vkEnumerateDeviceExtensionProperties.

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Vulkan supports intercepting or hooking API entry points via the Layer framework. Multiple layers can be chained together to cascade their functionality in the appearance of a single, larger layer. In addition to the above individually specified layers, a built-in meta-layer definition has been provided which simplifies validation for applications. Specifying this short-hand layer definition will load a standard set of validation layers in the optimal order:. This is done by stavka vulkan net Vulkan loader. Layers not included in the meta-layer will be added to the layer chain as expected. The long-term goal is to have a very small number of layers or meta-layers which will be optimal for both desktop and mobile solutions.

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Instance level commands are those that have either VkInstance, or VkPhysicalDevice as the first parameter dispatchable object. If the layer is specified via a relative pathname, it is relative to the path of the info file e. Implicit layers are those layers enabled by the loader automatically. To obtain these callbacks the layer must search through the list of structures pointed to by the "pNext" field in the VkInstanceCreateInfo and VkDeviceCreateInfo parameters to find any callback structures inserted by the loader. It also indicates requirements. In this latter case, we want to allow developers to point to such an ICD without modifying the properly-installed ICD s on their system.

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